After building themes into Carbonmade, we needed to let the visitors and users know about them. I redesigned the featured section to draw more attention to themes and to browse them in a list.

  • Role Concept / Architecture / Design
  • For Carbonmade
  • URL


Every theme got its own marketing site to highlight key features and explain why it’s a special snowflake.

Once you pick a theme, you go to a detailed page that gives you the rundown on what makes that theme tick.

Every major feature got its own section.

The preview window gives you a live preview of the theme, including a mobile one.


The Featured section got a facelift as well as the option to browse by theme, to encourage discovery.

The featured homepage. Browsable by type or theme.

The featured detail view gives you a live preview of the site and the url to the original portfolio. Plus, a button to get you started with that particular theme.


To get a picture of the overall marketing site, please have a look at the Marketing Sitemap (PDF)