Over the years I’ve worked on just about every aspect of the Carbonmade product. Here are a few of my favorite parts.

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Sign In / Signup

New global sign in and signup workflows.

Checkout / Billing

A new checkout form with many little details that update depending on what card number is entered.

Audio / Video Player

The audio player has a slightly different responsive behavior from other elements. It gets reduced in width until it’s a square, and then gets scaled down from there.

The video player controls inherit the shape and color of your theme and accent color.

Profile Editor

After adding new components like the stream and talent pool, we needed a new central place to keep user profile data up to date.

Here are some screenshots of the new global profile editor.

Empty Profile with Hover States / Filled out Profile

Empty States / File Upload

Empty State for block elements / Adding & Re-ordering Links

Extended Text Fields

Expanded Editor with Inline Formatting