Print, Not Dead

It’s not all pixels… I always enjoy a good print project. Something tangible. Something a browser update can’t break. Here are a few of those projects.

  • For Various Clients
  • Date 2002–Present

Lars Müller Publishers — 2002

In my time at Lars Müller Publishers I had the opportunity to work on a handful of amazing projects. One of those was the Helvetica Book. I also worked on “Herzog & de Meuron: Natural History”, “Steven Holl – Watercolors” and others.

I.D. Magazine

I took the position of assistant Art Director over the summer and worked on the magazine as well as designing new stationary and an updated web presence.

Rockwell Group

I’ve spent about 7 years in various capacities at Rockwell Group. I got to work on many amazing projects due to the multidisciplinary nature of this design firm. From animations to theatre sets, environmental graphics to way finding and branding to web design.

New Portfolio / Proposal Template

A print ad in Interior Design Magazine

Custom wallpaper, carpet and lamp- shades for the “Absolut Find Your Flavor Suite” at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

Art direction and photography for dividerpages for proposals and various itmes for the celebration of rockwellgroups 25th anniversary

City Meals on Wheels, 2009 — I designed the identiy, way nding and “fake” posters for this annual fundraiser at Rockefeller Plaza, themed “Global Streed Food Festival”

Identity for Madison Marquette — Branding for the redevelopment of the legendary Asbury Park boardwalk

LA Cameraman

Logo explorations I

Logo explorations II


Custom Typeface: AMC 25 — Modeled after the display at the AMC Theatre
in Times Square, New York