Nita Nita is (was) a Tapas Bar in the Williamsburg Neighborhood of Brooklyn, owned by my dear friend Samantha. Over the years, we created a boatload of flyers, posters, banners… you name it. She always gave me full creative freedom, plus I got paid in beers. What’s not to love…?!

Goodbye Site

The bar sadly closed in December 2015 (due to their rent tripling) and I wanted to give it a proper “goodbye home” online.

We couldn’t decide on a color scheme plus I wanted it to feel like it’s still slowly breathing and not gone yet — so I added this hue rotate animation to the whole site.

Various Posters

A small selection of collateral created over the years. Sometimes we had to crank out a poster for the next day, and sometimes I could take my time hand lettering or painting headlines.