We built a whole new system to communicate with our users. The main goal was to keep our users more engaged and show up in their inbox more often with relevant info.

  • Role Planning / Design
  • For Carbonmade
  • Date 2015 / 2016

Templates and Campaigns

First up, we developed a simple template structure that would work for the vast majority of our email communication.

The DNA of our emails consisted of a combination of the following blocks: Header, user name, content, CTA, sign-off and footer.

We built a system (lovingly called MailMoose) where all the elements can be freely combined to create a new email campaign.

System Notification Emails

Since we also introduced a new messages system including follows and likes, we needed a set of notification emails to communicate activity.

Mobile Version

Of course, one big part of this whole project was to make sure all emails were fully responsive and rendered great on mobile devices.

Schedule and User Engagement

Another big aspect of this project was to minimize stasis and figure out when and how to engage users. In this example, we were working out the user flow for expired credit cards and when and how often to best address our users.

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